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Ecology Project International (EPI), an international education & conservation nonprofit, has just opened the application period for their 2018 Teacher Fellowships, which will take place in Costa Rica, Baja California Sur, and Yellowstone National Park. These are 8-day professional development opportunities geared toward high school and college-level educators interested in experiential education and conservation. All costs are covered by EPI save a $350 program fee and the participant's airfare to the program site.

 Educators can review the programs' focus areas, watch a promo video, and submit an application via our website: The application will close on September 1st.

Micah Sewell | Marketing & Fellowship Coordinator

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Conservation for the next generation

Hello Oklahoma Science Teachers Association!

I'm contacting you from Matheatre, a touring performing arts organization that specializes in STEM-based programming. We are touring three shows this year-- including our newest production based on the science, life and legacy of Marie Curie!  Please let me know if you're interested in more information about booking an event for your organization. We would also be happy to offer a discounted rate to any of your affiliate schools if they tell me that you sent them!

Preview videos are available at

STEM-based theatrical experiences.

Since premiering our flagship show, "Calculus: The Musical!" in 2006, Matheatre has expanded the reach of performing arts as a creative portal into math and science. The products of theatrical professionals working closely alongside math and science educators, our creations are imaginative works that delve into the human experiences behind the sciences, underscoring curriculum and igniting potential for compelling cross-disciplinary discussion.

The 2017-18 tour is booking now! Discounted package rates are available to mix and match between all three of our STEM-based offerings, described below. Contact us today for rates and availability and to reserve a date on next year's national tour!
Curie Me Away!
(new this year!)
A radioactive musical! Based on the science, life and legacy of Madame Marie Curie. Reinforces core chemistry concepts (compounds and reactions, groupings on the periodic table, transmutation, radioactive half-life) as metaphor in a biography of discovery. Highly relevant for students of chemistry and physics, but with a far broader audience appeal that extends to history, social studies and women's studies departments. It's the radical story of a persistent woman who changed our understanding of the universe.
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Tesla Ex Machina
A one-man tour-de-force that brings the inner world of electrical giant Nikola Tesla to life--along with appearances by Mark Twain and of course, his nemesis Thomas Edison! Featuring re-creations of electrical experiments from the 1890s--including the induction motor, the world's first robot and a live Tesla coil--it explores the experience of an immigrant who shaped the future of America. Relevant to students of history and social studies as well as electrical engineering and physics!
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Calculus: The Musical!
The classic review of the concepts and history of Calculus! Parodies that span genres--Daft Punk to Eminem, Gilbert & Sullivan to Lady Gaga--introduce and illuminate concepts of limits, integration and differentiation. A comedic narrative pits Ada, a modern math student, alongside Isaac Newton himself in a buddy comedy for the ages. Key concepts become vividly alive on their journey to discover Calculus. A favorite of students and teachers since 2006.
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Audience response

 The 2016-17 tour reached 20,000 math and physics students in 18 states! Students repeatedly marveled at how "Calculus: The Musical!" could illuminate new inspiration and insight into the material. One even announced aloud "I think that was the best hour of my life!" Students continually charged the stage after "Tesla Ex Machina" excited to talk about the intriguing inventor. A professor at a community college stated in a post-event note: "The two of you do so well what we teachers try to do every day, which is to teach kids & adults that science and math can be a lotof fun and really enjoyable!" All in all it was a thrilling and rewarding year to meet so much enthusiasm from students for SCIENCE!

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